Cottage Architectural Design in the Collingwood & Toronto Areas

A cottage can be a charming addition to any property or one of these small houses can be built as a stand-alone structure. The decision to build a cottage, unlike the size of the building, is not a small one and should therefore be approached with care. In the Toronto area, Abbott Design has been designing cottages for property owners for over two decades. We recognize that cottage architectural design is unique because the houses serve various purposes for various owners.

Cottage Architectural Design: Versatility Under One Small Roof

These versatile little buildings can be designed for a multitude of purposes. They can serve as vacation homes, guest houses, or as a place for an aging parent to live nearby. The versatility of cottages is what makes them special structures to build. They often serve a very special purpose and their design should reflect that.

Specialty Cottage Architectural Design from Abbott Design

At Abbott Design, we understand that your dream cottage is probably also attached to a very specific purpose. In order to complete successful projects for our clients, we look at several different factors when we design cottages.

  • Purpose – What is the main purpose of your cottage? Whether it’s a vacation home, or a small house for your retired parents, or a ski home, we know that before we begin any project we must get a clear picture of why you want a cottage. Once we have discussed this, we can focus on the actual cottage architectural design.
  • Audience – Who will be spending time here? It’s important to think about who the cottage is being designed for. A cottage for grandparents will be very different than for a vacationing family with small children.
  • Time – How much time will be spent here? If it’s a summer home, we need to look in to considerations for winterizing it. If it’s a year round weekend house, we want to make sure all seasons are taken into consideration. We talk with our clients to better understand how often the cottage will be used so that we can decide how to best design it to focus on specific timeframes.
  • Aesthetics – One of the great things about cottage architectural design is that there are a lot of really creative aesthetic things we can do to make your house truly customized. Cottages can be whimsical, rustic, modern or a blend of many styles. A custom house allows you to be creative with the looks of your building.

At Abbott Design, cottage architectural design is a specialty that we are passionate about. These are really distinct projects that we always look forward to working on. Our satisfied clients can attest to our professionalism, attention to detail and concern for each of their specific needs. Join us to turn your small cottage dream into a big reality.